glowmark, glow-in-the-dark, SGCMkII Glow Compound, Flourescent Marker
glowmark, glow-in-the-dark, SGCMkII Glow Compound, Flourescent Marker
glowmark, glow-in-the-dark, SGCMkII Glow Compound, Flourescent Marker, color range

Glowmark, A Glow-In-The-Dark Crystal Safety Marker

GlowMark is an innovative product which provides a warm, green, distinctive glow during the night and in low level lighting conditions. This ‘glow-in-the-dark’ crystal visual tactical safety marker system does not use electricity, solar power or batteries. It’s a low cost alternative to expensive, electric lighting and as such is a truly green & eco friendly product.

The Glowmark Arrow is an ECO-Friendly Boundary Marker Safety System which provides an alternative to electric lighting. This revolutionary glow-in-the-dark marker stud containing our unique SGCMkII Glow Compound, provides safety at night and in low level lighting conditions.

The unique patented crystal technology at the core of Glowmark emits light for up to 48 hours after just 8 minutes exposure to daylight or artificial light and has been designed to meet European Union Safety Directives. (Glowmark light emissions have been evaluated by the German Institute for Standardisation under their 67510 standard).

The current design of Glowmark is in the shape of an arrow measuring 5.8 cm in length, 6.0 cm in width and 0.5 cm high, which has a specifically designed bevelled covering, calculated to dissipate precipitation, dirt and debris so that it is virtually maintenance free. Other designs such as GlowStrips and GlowLetters are currently in development.

A Glowmark marker is guaranteed to glow for 5 years, but in practice lasts much longer.
Glowmark can be used for fire safety escape routes and exit markings, corridors, pathways, stairways, bridges, tunnels, public areas in towns cities and rural areas, train stations, airports, bus stations, ports, docks, harbors, canals and tow paths, bridle ways, cycle routes, places of worship, sports stadiums, shopping malls, cinemas, nightclubs, car parking indoors and out of doors, in fact anywhere humans can walk, inside or outside. GlowMark provides a low cost easy to install free of maintenance and running costs universal safety marker system.
Andrew Trice, Glowmark Inventor and CEO of Synergymc2 Limited

The Glowmark Arrow

NEW Glowmark™ Rimbase
The Glowmark base, which is coloured a Hi-Visual Ultra-White, was slightly increased in base size. Therefore, the unit is more easily spotted during the day and night.
glowmark, glow-in-the-dark, SGCMkII Glow Compound, Flourescent Marker
NEW Improved Weather Resistance and Ease-of-Maintenance
The base, is moulded with a carefully calculated bevel that gently slopes from the its center to the ground. It begins dissipating precipitation, dirt, and debris from the unit as quickly as it accumulates. This new design makes Glowmark virtually maintenance free.
glowmark, glow-in-the-dark, SGCMkII Glow Compound, Flourescent Marker
glowmark, glow-in-the-dark, SGCMkII Glow Compound, Flourescent Marker
Glowmark Mold
glowmark, glow-in-the-dark, SGCMkII Glow Compound, Flourescent Marker
Glowmark Base Mold
glowmark, glow-in-the-dark, SGCMkII Glow Compound, Flourescent Marker
Glowmark Factory

Glowmark Fitting, Active Ingredient, Glow Time and Advantages

The active chemical ingredient and component used in the GlowMark Arrow and all other GlowMark products is the optical quality lens containing our unique Crystal Glow Compound, SGCMkII™. The glow crystals we use in our products have been specially treated through an innovative and scientific process in the manufacture process, with the result that they absorb light and then emit a highly visible distinct glow for many hours afterwards. In practical testing, after only 8 minutes of exposure to daylight and artificial light sources, a GlowMark marker will glow for at least 48 hours, i.e. more than enough time to last throughout the night. Practical scientific testing of the SGCMkII™ Glow Compound within our specially developed and patented GlowMark lens was carried out in Germany by the Institute of standardizations. The technical evaluation details can be provided to you by email.
After only 8 minutes exposure each day to natural & artificial light sources indoors & outdoors, GlowMark products will continue to glow for well over 48 hours before they need to be exposed to light again to re-charge them.
Safe advantages
Unlike many other materials which glow in the dark, the unique crystal compound SGCMKII™ which we have developed for GlowMark products is completely non-radioactive, environmentally safe and friendly, nor does it emit any harmful toxic or flammable gases in its manufacture process; and is also safe for use in children’s toys and many other items where added safety is both important and necessary.

Maintenance free aspects
Additionally GlowMark products are self cleaning because of our special sloping edges design of all of our products which renders them virtually maintenance free and meaning that any precipitating collecting debris such as leafs from trees or waste rubbish will be blown away very easily without a need for constant sweeping and cleaning.

Fire Safety and GlowMark technology Fire retardant breakthrough
The GlowMark SGCMKII™ Glow compound is also fire retardant and even when the plastic has melted at 170º Fahrenheit the compound that was not set alight was still visible glowing for many hours after. View Tactical Imaging test report for full information about a very significant breakthrough in Fire safety Technology for helping people escape and exit a fire in a building or structure; and which also helps firefighters to see where they are going in a smoke filled building because GlowMark technology can also be seen through smoke and fog, imagine the immense safety from tripping stumbling or falling down a stairway which is like a chimney filled with smoke and which has to be used to evacuate and building because the lifts become inoperable, the dual aspect of the 2M base rim will also reflect light back from a fireman’s flashlight, see Tactical Images PowerPoint presentation the Tac Tag GlowMark information. In addition the high Ultra-Violet resistances of our colored base rims means they will not fade with sunlight exposure for long amounts of time and can identify the 5 hazardous levels with their 5 different colored base rims which are used by emergency services such as police, firefighters, paramedics and military.

The high grade polycarbonate plastic we use in our products also withstands impact breakage and shattering; and a heavy goods vehicle will not break or move them once they are fitted and applied to a road surface. (See traffic calming and road use report which explains more applications and concepts of use)

Ecologically friendly aspects
Many so-called low energy, money saving lights, rechargeable batteries and solar powered products contain very harmful and dangerous toxic chemicals which are costing governments millions every year in their disposal costs once these products no longer work; and which are often being deposited in land-fill waste dumping sites and which are also taking up more space on the planet often emitting invisible gases which cannot be seen or detected by humans. Consider how many times a year do you need to change or replace a light bulb, LED, battery or solar unit? when you purchase install and use GlowMark™ products none of the above apply, we know through rigorous research that there is no light bulb, LED or so called energy saving light which will last or work for more than 5 years and none of which come with a 5 years manufacturers guarantee! GlowMark however does!

GlowMark innovative zero carbon products in Synergy with rapidly growing new green and clean energy concept proposals, can have a big impact on reducing greenhouse gases worldwide as they become more widely used. By simply using GlowMark products, it will enable us all to lower carbon emissions levels within all of the heavy commercial and industrial sectors which create billions of tones of carbon emissions every year; and which are rising continually at an increasingly alarming rate". Savvy businesses are now turning to GlowMark as a cost effective carbon reductive alternative to conventional lighting systems, helping them to reduce their monthly & annual budget expenditure while improving their company image in a marked interest to become greener and safer.

The GlowMark Safety Illumination System has been evaluated by the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V., or DIN) under their 67510 standard.

DIN 67510 Testing and Results
All measurements of the GlowMark Safety Illumination System were taken in total darkness. It is important to understand this distinction when trying to compare an absolute DIN measurement with the apparent luminance perceived in low ambient lighting. These differences in scientific luminance vs. practical luminance are explained below.

A GlowMark photo luminescent disc is given an 8 minute exposure to a xenon source. The luminance value was then measured in millicandela per square meter (mcd/m2) and recorded against a time axis measured in minutes. The DIN 67510 results for the GlowMark Safety Illumination System are as follows:
Alt image
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According to the DIN 67510 standard, a photo luminescence at or below .03 mcd/m2 is virtually undetectable to the human eye. For all intents and purposes, a photo luminescent pigment has stopped glowing at that minimal level. Extrapolation of the data suggests that the GlowMark photo luminescent disc reaches 0.3mcd/m2 at approximately 4000 minutes, or 66 hours.

Scientific Luminance
Scientifically speaking, the GlowMark Safety Illumination System will glow for approximately 2 days and 9 hours (a total of 66 hours) after only an 8 minute exposure to natural daylight. If this photo luminescent "return on investment" is broken down into percentages, we see that the GlowMark Safety Illumination System has a laboratory efficiency of approximately 50,000%.

Practical Luminance
Testing in a multitude of real world lighting conditions from night time to a heavily shaded tree-lined walking trail at noon, has revealed a perceived glow time less than the DIN 67510 result but still excellent. The GlowMark Safety Illumination System has an actual perceived, and therefore useful, glow cycle of about 720 minutes (12 hours) after only an 8 minute exposure to natural daylight. That is a practical efficiency of around 9,000%.

In other words, the GlowMark Safety Illumination System has stored enough energy to emit an easily perceived glow that will last throughout the night, including late evening and early mornings, after only 8 minutes in normal daylight. Therefore, any path or public area lined with the GlowMark Safety Illumination System will be clearly marked during these hours of darkness and can be safely traversed as long as the GlowMark Marker Plates are not removed or obstructed by debris.

In conclusion, both scientific lab testing and practical field testing have confirmed that the GlowMark Safety Illumination System will glow brightly all night long after only 8 minutes in normal daylight. This unanimous result underscores the GlowMark Safety Illumination System's popularity as the #1 "green" sustainable illumination solution on the market today.